X-Press OnDemand EasyCrease® – Auto Crease/Perforate/Slit

X-Press OnDemand EasyCrease® – Auto Crease/Perforate/Slit

X-Press OnDemand EasyCrease  Auto Crease, Perforate & Slit…​

Our high quality, low cost solutions have caught the imagination of printing companies nationwide. Take your production to the next level for less.


This machine is for printers who want to automate repetitive tasks!
What does it do? 


1. Versatility second to none in such a low cost machine

The X-Press OnDemand EasyCrease® – Auto Crease/Perforate/Slit has been designed from the ground up to save time and money. It can take a stack of paper up to around 400gsm and crease/perf/slit it in a number of ways. 

2. Features

The new X-POD EasyCrease® is a totally new development based on simple cost effective design to give you more value for money. Crack-free folding on card stock with digital print, user training less than 5 minutes, easy to crease up to 32 lines on card material up to 0.40mm thick and to 650 long* x 330 wide, easy to memorize the jobs with 30 programs, easy to get the job done fast, process time 0.9 sec / A4 sheet, easy to invert the crease direction, or add from 1 to 8 perforating tools, easy to set up the line position in just 3 touches of the keyboard, easy to alter the crease depth in moments, air feed the sheets on the spacious table, easy to stack the finished product on the easyset collection tray, easy to store the unit, main body just 60 cm long, easily affordable.

• Top suction belt airfeed with 10cm pile
• Simple to set, easy to operate
• Control panel with lcd touch screen
• 30 programs – 32 lines / program
• Size from 120x140mm to 330x650mm* long
• For stock from 0,055 to 0,4mm 55gsm / ±400gsm
• Min line spacing 0,2mm
• Perfect crease, no fibre cracking
• Can overlap crease line for layflat photos
• Line accuracy better than 0,2mm
• 1st and last lines min. 3mm from edge
• Process time 0,9 sec for A4 long edge first
• Standard 1,2mm crease line 0,8 / 1,5mm optional
• Strike perf from 1 to 4 lines, plug&play fitment in ca 2min (option)
• Strike perf line length from 5mm to full length of sheet
• Combined use with cross perfing blade will allow for center perfed
out windows
• Infeed speed to ca 7000 sheet/h @ A4 with 1 line
• Blade can work facing up or down
• Optional fitment in line perfing with 12tpi up to 8 tools
• Optional fitment cross strike perfing to 32 lines
• Optional fitment in line scoring 1,2mm up to 8 tools
• Optional fitment kisscutting up to 8 tools
• Optional fitment slitting up to 8 tools
• Optional fitment cross perfing 24 tpi to 32 lines
• Optional fitment dual crease bar 5mm spacing
• Infeed guide skew adjustment


3. Productivity

The EasyCrease® Machine is simple to use. It has a unique air feed which can be setup to work with your paper and is usually only seen on machines at double the price, plus a skew adjustment to correct paper and print skew



With over 20 years of experience in the digital printing and prepress industry you can be sure we will always be willing and able to help and support you and your investment. During these years X-Press OnDemand have led the small digital press and affordable finishing machine market and created many highly successful products that many of our competitors have sought to imitate.


Call 0117 9401 402 now to arrange a demonstration and take your business to the next level!



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